Dog Training

We understand that having a dog that becomes very stressed in the practice leads to owners not wanting to bring the dog in to the practice for annual check-ups or even if they notice a problem starting as they get very distressed themselves seeing their dog distressed which then makes the dog even more stressed, we really want to end this cycle and make you all more relaxed in practice.

Our Dagenham branch works with Alicia, from ‘Alicia’s Obedience Dog Training’, to offer services to keep your dog relaxed and happy in practice.

Below is a list of service she offers: -

•             New dog packages

•             Beginner’s courses (for puppies and older dogs)

•             1 to 1 home or location visits, bespoke group classes

•             Home visits

•             Vet practice visits

•             Fun agility

•             Remedial training for unwanted behaviour

•             Trick training (National canine trick star awards)

•             Kennel club good citizen scheme training and testing

•             Young handler courses (for 7-16yrs old)

•             School or club visits by our ‘canine coaches’

•             Information events and workshops


For more information, please call or email our Dagenham Branch.